Promoting Regeneration of Rural Villages
Promoting Regeneration of Rural Villages
Touching Rural Villages
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Hsinchu County Xinpu Township Daping Community
Ecological pond
Ecological pond

     Upon entering the Jiuqiong Lake area, you can see Pongamia, Golden Shower Trees, Taiwan Golden-rain Trees, southern cypresses, and other trees. In addition, as soon as you look down, you can see the lantana, the star cluster species, garden balsams, and other nectar plant shrubs which butterflies love. The butterflies flutter between these as a breeze blows from time to time, giving people a sense of comfort.

     The region is gradually transforming from a relatively low population agrarian village to what is expected to become a leisure village with observation decks, health trails, ecological pools, and other beautiful scenic attractions. A clear consensus is gradually starting to form among Jiucong Lake’s farmers concerning the changes in the village as a result of discussions in meetings and the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau’s development plan taking root.

     After the roads were widened more tourists started to come, and this gave new life to the regional economy. It also helped fortify notions of sustainable ecological agriculture. Everyone was careful not to spray pesticides, and they were proactive in planting nectar plants, as well as using ecological means for building levees. Furthermore, the villagers learned from experts and were eager to put what they learned into practice in their daily lives. While many of the projects were completed by engineering units, the village organization provided their thoughts and opinions throughout the process so that various facilities would be more in keeping with Zhaomen area’s original atmosphere and more clearly represent the particular regional style. Through these efforts, in 2007 the Zhaomen leisure Agricultural Community was rewarded with recognition as one of the “Top 10 Rural Villages.”

     Changes in the Jiuqiong Lake area have not only had an influence on the environment but the hearts and thought of the residents who live in the area have also changed as a result. For example, the farmers in the region used to use pesticides as a panacea which could solve all cultivating problems. Now no one uses it. Traditional industry has given way to the service industries, and this has given more room for the sons and daughters of the Jiuqiong Lake region to make a living. An example includes the farm run by Huang Liuzhen, which attracts tourists with a scenic area coffee in its beautiful garden; a DIY family jelly making activity helps satisfy the desire of city dwellers to experience rural culture. Tourists can also take nature home in the form of one of the many bonsai plant pots.

     This fresh rural life experience allows for the advantages of the strengths of traditional rural villages to become a wonderful fruit of the area through the efforts of all residents. Changes in the rural village are a necessity as a result of generational changes. However, the appearance of this new ecological and sustainable new look is the result of the common promotion of Jiuqiong Lake’s residents, as well as a goal long worked for.