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Soil and Water Conservation in Taiwan > Future
nce, the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau established the Debris-flow Disaster Prevention Center that has helped devel
Debris-flow Disaster Prevention & Response > Disaster Preparedness & Awareness Promotion
1In 2005, the Soil and Water Conservation Bureau set up the Debris-flow Disaster Prevention System, which combined debri
Debris-flow Disaster Prevention & Response > Emergency Disaster Response
ve response, the Bureau participated in the creation of the Debris-flow Disaster Emergency Action System, which aggregat
Debris-flow Disaster Prevention & Response > Mechanisms of Debris Flow Disaster Warnings
(I) Establishment of Standardized Operating Procedures:     &n
Education & Promotion > Volunteer for soil and water conservation
19 similar venues were established. In addition, in 2003, a Debris-flow Education Park was established in Gukeng Townshi