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The Invitation from “Original Rural Flavor Hall” for You to Buy Goods, Taste Foods, and Visit Rural Villages by VR
The Central Taiwan Agriculture Expo in 2016, hosted by Nantou County Government, is beginning from November 5th to November 27th. Exhibitioners include Taichung City, Changhua County, and Nantou County in previous years, and Miaoli County this year. This year, advised by Central Taiwan Joint Services Center, Executive Yuan and Soil and Water Conservation Bureau, Nantou Branch of Soil and Water Conservation Bureau specially established Original Rural Flavor Hall to hold exhibition of original rural landscapes, which can be expected to be magnificent.

The "Original Rural Flavor Hall” combines the spirit of regional governance to show the achievements of rural regeneration in Changhua County, Nantou County, Taichung City, and Miaoli County. The new vitality of rural communities shows to the public through industry, natural ecology, water and energy conservation, edible landscaping, and rural life aesthetics.

This year, the rural hall uses state-of-the-art technology to allow visitors to tour around Changhua County, Nantou County, Taichung City, and Miaoli County via virtual reality (VR). Through scavenger hunts, childhood games and toys, DIY, and traditional food tasting, etc., visitors can enjoy the most interesting and in-depth rural experience.

The Original Rural Flavor Hall is planned with the themes of “food and agricultural education” and “rural village experience” to display the diverse and colorful appearance of the rural hall. Through scavenger hunt games, people can experience the rural natural ecology and childhood games and toys. During holidays, the special group, Rural Cute Baby Group consisting of small kids, small ducks and small deer, will host “Rural Playmates Activity” at fixed time and place and invite fans to enjoy life in rural villages!

The facilities inside the Original Rural Flavor Hall are suitable for the schools and organizations to visit and experience. In particular, kindergarten or elementary school teachers and students are welcome to have field trips here during non-holidays. It is just like stepping into a museum for rural villages in Taiwan. A trip here is better than reading thousands of books!

In addition to the Original Rural Flavor Hall, the “Rural Food Hall” was also set up in the exhibition area. This year, the results of rural regeneration community counseling in Changhua County, Nantou County, Yunlin County, and Chiayi County as well as delicious food from rural villages was displayed to demonstrate the industry value in rural villages. You are welcome to come and buy the simplest and the most natural things from the rural villages.